iKout ♥︎ Update

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The wait is over!

iKout, the popular game from Diwaniya Labs is Updated with loads of new features and is finally available on Android and is FREE FOR DOWNLOAD!

Also The game was updated and reworked from the ground up, to deliver the best enjoyable experience for everyone! We have added Online multiplayer (Cross platform), achievements and leaderboards, player profiles and statistics, and much more!

Now it is available for Free for iOS and Android, and we will add more platforms in the future.

Click on the link below to download for FREE.

Get it on Google Play



Introducing the new and exciting iKout! the famous kout game. Join your friends, family and thousands of players in a new online social gaming experience.

iKout has been completely redesigned from scratch! We’ve also gone multiplatform!

♦ Play by yourself, or with others around the world.

♦ Invite your friends and family and play together in a game of kout, wherever you are, and whatever device platform!

♦ Gain experience and level up to unlock higher multiplayer Venues, each with a different game configuration (4/6 players, 26/51/101 score).

♦ Complete various challenges to reach higher levels, faster!

♦ Compete with your friends to climb the top of the leaderboards.

♦ Choose from various different avatar and voice sets. Unlock characters as you play.

♦ Learn the basic rules of the game in the new interactive tutorial.

♦ Customize the highly immersive game theme to your liking. Choose your favorite custom in-game background and cards.

♦ Choose your preferred game interface language, as well as the character voice cues. (Available in ENGLISH and ARABIC for now. Please let us know if you feel left out!)



ما الكلمة؟

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ما الكلمة هي لعبة الالغاز المشهورة والممتعة التي تحاول فيها أن تبحث عن كلمة معينة من الحروف المتاحة تكون الرابط المشترك بين صور عديدة ، هذه اللعبة ممتعة ومفيدة للكبار والصغار

مميزات اللعبة

واجهة استخدام ممتعة وعالية الجودة

كل مرحلة فيها (٥) صور

قاعدة كبيرة من الصور

امكانية استخدام الحركات الخاصة مثل: القنبلة ، الكشف عن حرف و صورة إضافية

مراحل عديدة وتحديثات مستمرة

إضغط هنا للتنزيل  (iOS)

iKout in many different flavors!

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We’ve heard this question more times than we can count: “Are you planning to release iKout on Android?” And for the longest time, we didn’t.. until now.

We are not just planning to bring you iKout on Android. We’re working hard to bring it to you on Blackberry and Windows 8 Phone as well!

So if you happen to be friends with one of these, you’ll be able to play.



Stay tuned for more updates on our progress!

Axiom Released!

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Axiom is now Available on the iOS AppStore! Get your copy from:

iTunes Link


Axiom is a math based educational game, where players control a ship and pick up different numbers and operations to solve more than 80 challenging levels. It was developed using unique fully animated graphics, and it features rhythmic soundtracks and sounds.

By solving different mathematical equations and using your quick intuition, while avoiding a series of deadly traps, you can unveil the puzzle and race towards the finish! Axiom contains a full achievement list that would challenge even the quickest and most genius of minds! With full integrated leaderboards, challenge your friends and family and brag about who’s the smartest mathematician.

Make Axiom part of your child’s daily routine as it’s designed to educate the young in mathematics in a fun and exciting way. It provides a considerable challenge not only to kids but also to rusty minds or those who just want a challenge. Logic puzzles and unlockables make every minute spent in Axiom fun, useful and rewarding.

  • More than 80 levels that would challenge your wit and reaction speed.
  • Aims to entertain and educate in a complete fun way.
  • Beautiful graphics and colors.
  • Original soundtrack and effects.
  • A full tutorial to ease access for both kids and adults.
  • A full achievement list that would challenge even the swiftest of minds.
  • Compete with your friends and family’s best scores in the game’s leaderboards.
  • Suitable for all ages.




iSibeeta 2.00 Arrives FREE with Multiplayer support!

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iSibeeta & (iSibeeta HD) Both got released to the iOS AppStore today, Adding Online Multiplayer support (via Gamecenter)

As a launch present, both games will be made FREE for a limited time. So if you don’t have them downloaded, grab them now!


iPhone Version 

iPad Version


iKout 4.00 Is Now Live!

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The latest iKout update has gone live with updated online servers and an overall smoother experience. Get it on the Appstore now!

iKout 4.00 Update Coming Soon…

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A new iKout update is coming soon which will include a bunch of changes to its appearance as well as some major fixes to multiplayer stability. This update should be arriving on the Appstore within a few days, and players accessing the multiplayer options should go through a much smoother experience, with updated menus and options.

More details of this update will be available upon its release sometime within the next two weeks, as it is awaiting the Appstore’s approval. We would like to thank our fans for their feedback which was vital to our iKout fixes.


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As a game developer, one of the most exciting parts of the job is the part where a group of gamers who really enjoy gaming sit together and talk about creating a new game from scratch. It takes alot to move from that stage to the part where you have a working prototype of that concept, and it takes even more to fully develop the game into something that is fun to play and to attain the level of quality needed to really have something we can share with the world.

Axiom has been our little project for a good while now, and while we do not want to release it just yet, we are pretty close to having it ready for everyone to enjoy, and that is the part where our game goes from our hands into the hands of our fans everywhere.

After hours of testing our game and throwing ideas back and forth between each other here in Diwaniya Labs, we believe that we have something that is worthy of sharing, and that idea that started with just a couple of friends talking about what kind of games they enjoy has become an actual game that we enjoy playing ourselves.

We will be happy to see everyone else’s thoughts on Axiom once we finally perfect it and send it out there for everyone to see. It’s been a great deal of fun and work creating this project, and we hope you will have as much fun if not more flying our little ship through all the math puzzles Axiom is going to provide.

iSibeeta Update Arrived!

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If you were unfortunate enough to update to the previous corrupt version and encountering crashes, today’s your lucky day. The iSibeeta update has just gone live, so head over to the AppStore and grab it!

iSibeeta Fix On The Way

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Diwaniya Labs would like to apologize for a current issue in iSibeeta’s latest update causing it to crash frequently when in a game. This issue has been addressed and an update fixing this crash has been sent to Apple and is awaiting approval.

If you have a working version that doesn’t crash then you should not update until the fix goes live. We will inform our fans as soon as the update is downloadable through our website. We thank you for understanding and hope you have fun with our games.

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